Both electric and acoustic guitars come in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately the majority of first time buyers choose a guitar based on appearance. But there is more you should consider than just the color and shape of the body. You will be happier with your selection if you judge a guitar 1st by the way it feels and fits your body (fingers, hands, arm length, and torso size) and 2nd by how it sounds.

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"I think I like the red one best!"

It is hard to make an informed decision until you have been playing long enough to develop your ear to hear the difference between instruments. It is also easier to decide which guitar feels more comfortable if you know some chords, scales, and songs. After all, were going to teach you to play the guitar, not stand in front of the mirror holding it. Rent a guitar from us for a month or two and see what you like. Unlike pretty much everyone else, we hand pick our rental guitars.

Here’s a simple litmus test to determine if you’re ready to purchase a guitar:


  1. What scale length do you prefer?
  2. What neck radius is most comfortable for you: 7.25” or 12”?
  3. Which neck profile causes less fatigue for your hand during extended periods of playing?


  1. Do you prefer single-coil, humbucking, or soapbar pickups?
  2. Do you like the sound of long or short scale guitars?
  3. What body wood combination sounds better to your ear: mahogany and cedar or rosewood and spruce?

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"Oh, there's more to it than that?"

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, don’t worry! That’s what we’re here for! But you may want to hold off on spending hundreds of dollars until you have a few lessons under your belt.  Use one of our rental guitars for a month or so while we mold you into a salesman’s worst nightmare: an educated consumer!

Rental rates for guitars are just $25 per month. Amplifier rentals are only $15 a month. No lengthy contract required, just a simple month to month plan - until you're ready to buy one. Contact Patrick for rental information.