guitar performance

guitar jam

About every 6-8 weeks we host a student jam session which our students get to jam along with their instructors as well as their peers. We have sessions for both adults and younger students. All students are welcome to attend the sessions, even if you don't feel you're ready to participate, come and watch. Parents bring your cameras! Our jam sessions, like our lessons, are designed to be fun - no pressure - definitely NOT recitals!

Playing along with others is a valuable part of the guitar experience and we encourage all our students to take part whenever they can.

And it is perfectly NORMAL to be a bit nervous if it's your first time (even 2nd or 3rd time!) Nobody is there to judge you or your level of playing. Everyone is very supportive.

We really hope to see you out at our next jam session!

Have a look at some pictures of our past jams by clicking here.