Ralph came highly recommended, and I've been so pleased. He's a patient, encouraging, and gifted instructor. ' Whether you're young or old; a beginner or a pro-Ralph will have you playing your favorite tunes in no time! 
- Angie W. 

Ralph is an amazing, talented teacher who makes guitar lessons accessible and fun! Love Guitar Lessons To Go! 
- Stephanie P.

Ralph is a great teacher! He's interested in what you want to learn, what you want to play. He's patient, supportive, pointing out what you're doing well, while (gently) suggesting how you might do things better. And yes, he's right - practice works! I made a commitment to myself to play regularly for a year - and after only a month of practicing 5-6 days per week, 15-30 minutes at a time, I have made enormous progress - I'm really having fun now. I'm not particularly talented, just passionate about the music I want to play. And he is helping me make that music!
- Carol K.

Ralph is an exceptional guitar teacher!!! Could not imagine anyone better! For years, he taught my daughter guitar lessons. He conveniently would do remote sessions, based on our needs. If you or your family member want to learn guitar, anywhere in the world, go to Ralph!!! 
-  Parks Pictures Photography

100% recommend. I am a life long music appreciator, but not participant. It always seemed like a mystery to me. Ralph demystified learning an instrument in my late 30s/40s. And he made it fun! He would take my music tastes and show up the next week with the music sheet. He started out as an instructor and became a lifelong (long-distance now) friend. Don't second guess, just schedule a lesson now.
- Mary Kate M.

I found Ralph about 2010 and learned basic electric guitar very quickly, but I moved away to a distant city for work. I stayed in touch with my friend and when lessons began via Zoom, I re-started remotely and it works great. There's no one I would rather learn from than Ralph. He is patient, flexible and gets you up and going on songs you like right away.
- Mike M.

I am an adult student and have taken lessons from various instructors over the years.  I never stuck with it, and often it was just because I wasn't inspired to learn, given the teaching styles that some of them employed.  When you love music and the guitar as I do, you expect your teacher to have that same deep appreciation for what music can add to life.  And that is what makes Ralph so different from others that teach guitar.  The first day I met Ralph, I knew that things would be interactive and fun.  He teaches songs that I know and like.  And he works through actual songs, not hours and hours of music theory, although I appreciate the fact that he weaves that in as we go (cleverly, I might add).  He has infinite patience, a great sense of humor, and is just a fine person.  My lesson each week is great inspiration for me, and I love to practice now.  
- Scott N.

Ralph is a fantastic teacher. Finding the right mentor/teacher for music can be tough and we feel very fortunate to have found Ralph. We highly recommend Guitar Lessons To Go!
- Daniel P

My son and I took beginner guitar lessons with Ralph for years! We learned a ton. Ralph makes learning guitar fun. Not just notes but actually jumping right in and playing songs. Believe it or not, it’s true - we jammed to songs by our second lesson. Each lesson was a jam session. Highly recommend Ralph! 
- Heidi L.

I am 40, have two little kids and work a sales job that involves overnight travel in two states.  I have every excuse in the world to justify not taking guitar lessons.  I ignored them and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!  My hour lessons are an absolute blast!  If you have ever dreamed of being able to play, or have picked at one for years and never got anywhere with it - call Ralph and start taking lessons RIGHT NOW!  From the beginning we started learning songs that I knew and liked and we haven't stopped yet - I have almost 200 songs now in my binder!  I take my guitar with me on the road and practice in hotel rooms at night rather than staring at the TV.  Thank you so much, Ralph and Guitar Lessons To Go. . .ROCK ON!. 
- Jay B.

Ralph came highly recommended to us when we were searching for a guitar teacher for our young son. He was incredibly patient with our 8 yr old son (who had limited musical taste). Every lesson, Ralph would find and write out music that appealed to our son's ever-changing musical tastes. Ralph never required rote memorization of scales and chords, he would instead incorporate these lessons into the music that was being taught. After eight amazing years, my son had to give up guitar lessons due to schedule conflicts, but years later he still picks up his guitar to strum a tune!
- Kim S.

I started lessons with Ralph maybe a year before the craziness of the pandemic. I had owned a guitar for way longer than I would like to admit and it sat in a case collecting dust. Nevermind the guitar lessons my wife bought for me on CD, books that I purchased, etc - I just wasn’t getting it done. When our oldest son showed interest in a guitar (he had several friends that played), my wife found out about Ralph and we got started. Before COVID, Ralph would come to the house weekly but since COVID it is virtual which works just as well and saves the travel! Even better, when our son went to college, we still make time each week for a virtual lesson and I got the bonus of getting to see our son each week! Thanks Ralph and keep on rockin’!
- Chuck K.