What You Need To Succeed With Virtual Lessons
Some things that will be helpful for your lessons.

 - A broadband internet connection. This is pretty much a given. 

- A free Zoom account zoom.us. This is the application we'll use for lessons. 

- For your lessons, use a desktop or laptop (best choices) or a tablet (iPad, etc. second choice). Wouldn't recommend anything smaller (phone!), as I will be putting your lessons up on the screen and you want to be able to see everything. I will send you copies of the material we work on.

- Have your guitar and a guitar tuner. A capo will be needed (shortly down the road), so grab one of those.

- While not necessary, an inexpensive webcam can make the experience more enjoyable. There are some highly rated ones on Amazon for around $40.

 Have any questions? Please feel free to contact me!